My work in interdisciplinary teaching and school leadership began more than 16 years ago, when I joined Edison Public Schools in New Jersey as a humanities/multimedia teacher and a professional development instructor. I worked with English and History faculty to explore opportunities for incorporation of digital humanities into existing multi-section courses and semester-long electives.
Through interdisciplinary collaboration, I founded the Media Academy, an award-winning program for students to think about and use technology and to focus on close reading and analysis of texts in increasingly interdisciplinary frameworks. Exploring the links between digital tools and liberal arts, I developed and led a team of stakeholders (administration, faculty, and staff) to implement cross-division and cross-discipline teaching and self-assessment practices to engage in serious intellectual inquiry within and beyond the classroom.
Fascinated by the question of how schools can integrate technology into the humanities, I pursued a Masters degree in Educational Technology and a Ph.D. in American Studies. My dissertation was multimodal and interdisciplinary: as well as writing a conventional thesis, I also conducted oral history interviews, produced short films, and built an interactive public scholarship website DHK12.